0901 - Interior Modeling

Early Interior Model

The interior SketchUp model is underway for the Family N. Home. Our design relies heavily on built-in casework to provide a just-right separation between spaces, without compartmentalizing the whole floor. The casework will act as both a partition as well as a storage & display device.

We're also using the built-ins in the living area to provide a graceful transition between upper and lower ceiling planes. We'll be experimenting with soffits and upper walls in addition to the built-ins to achieve this look.

Adding built-in casework is a great investment in an existing home, if you're considering a remodeling project yourself. Most homes will benefit from the added storage that they provide. Built-ins can, additionally, be used to divide spaces; and if held down from the ceiling level, allow for a subtle connection with adjacent space while maintaining a barrier at eye level. A well-designed built-in is a perfect solution to room in need of a focal point or distinguishing design element.

The stairs shown in the model will lead upward to a reading loft, and down to a daylight basement. The addition of these stairs will allow the homeowner to eliminate two existing stairs which have clearance and access issues. We're hoping to make these stairs an exciting design element that will be visible from the entry to the home.

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