0901 - Floor Plans

For approval and/or notes by the Owner.

0901 - Floor One

0901 - Basement

0901 - Interior Modeling Con't

Further development on the interior model allows for some P.O.V. views of the living room, kitchen, and entry.

Mountain View
View from Living Room

Interior Plan 3
View looking down into Living Room

Living Room 1
Living Room & Kitchen beyond

Living Room 2
Fireplace & Reading Loft

Interior View 4
Room Layout

In the foreground of the Living Room, note the NanaWall system that is being proposed. This door & window system allows an entire wall (or walls) to completely open to the outdoors. The system can be configured in many different ways to accommodate just about any requirement for door openings, and panel stacking arrangement.


0901 - Interior Modeling

Early Interior Model

The interior SketchUp model is underway for the Family N. Home. Our design relies heavily on built-in casework to provide a just-right separation between spaces, without compartmentalizing the whole floor. The casework will act as both a partition as well as a storage & display device.

We're also using the built-ins in the living area to provide a graceful transition between upper and lower ceiling planes. We'll be experimenting with soffits and upper walls in addition to the built-ins to achieve this look.

Adding built-in casework is a great investment in an existing home, if you're considering a remodeling project yourself. Most homes will benefit from the added storage that they provide. Built-ins can, additionally, be used to divide spaces; and if held down from the ceiling level, allow for a subtle connection with adjacent space while maintaining a barrier at eye level. A well-designed built-in is a perfect solution to room in need of a focal point or distinguishing design element.

The stairs shown in the model will lead upward to a reading loft, and down to a daylight basement. The addition of these stairs will allow the homeowner to eliminate two existing stairs which have clearance and access issues. We're hoping to make these stairs an exciting design element that will be visible from the entry to the home.


0901 - Remodel for Family N.

Before and maybe after

Our newest remodel project is underway, and we're all bubbling with excitement. Just look at us, it took us less than a week to get the project site measured, create as-built drawings, throw together a conceptual floor plan, and get this mass model up on the blog! The photo and the model aren't the same scale, but you get the idea, right? Check back here for regular updates.


AG:02 - In Development

AG:02:01 - Farmhouse Style
AG:02:01 - Farmhouse Style

AG:02:02 - Prairie Style
AG:02:02 - Prairie Style

Our second offering in the collection of agricultural multi-purpose structures is the AG:02, a partial two story residential offering with an attached 3-bay garage, all framed nicely with a generous 8 foot deep front porch. Look here for more information about this line of buildings.

The AG:02 will feature the following:

2- story
1,000 sqft. living unit
(3) bedrooms
(1.5) bath

And a thoughtfully designed first floor with a full kitchen and flexible living / dining space.

Coming soon, folks!

First View 2
AG:02 - Interior Model


Boise Homes for You - Metro Lots

Boise Graphic 1

We are excited to report that our collection of infill homes is really taking shape. After designing one-off infill houses for our clients for years, we decided to develop a collection of model homes, decidedly modern, suited for development on a 25x125 original Boise lot. These homes are thoughtfully designed down to the inch, and are fantastically livable. We offer the homes in a variety of exterior designs and a full range of finishes. Whats more, we even have a name for this collection:

Boise Homes for You : Metro Lots
The grand catalog consists of six (6) homes designed especially for Boise's established near-town neighborhoods. Neighborhoods such as:

The North End Neighborhood
The Sunset Neighborhood
The Veteran's Park Neighborhood
The Depot Bench Neighborhood
The Vista Neighborhood
The Morris Hill Neighborhood
The South East Neighborhood

These communities are well known in the Treasure Valley as fantastically livable communities near downtown Boise. The mix of housing types, income levels, and age demographic help make these neighborhoods highly desirable places to live. All of these communities have seen a steady migration of people, who are making the choice to move back to town and are looking for vibrant neighborhoods that have an inherent value.

Metro Homes are designed for infill development on the most common lot size to be found in these areas: 25 feet wide by 125 feet deep. The lots must be alley loaded, and configured in pairs, threes, or fours. Look for regular updates on our progress. The Metro Homes designs are very nearly ready for sale. Here is a sample:

LUX:01 Early Model
LUX:01:01 - 2 Lots Developed


AG:01 - Now Available!

AG:01 Front Elevation
AG:01 - Front Elevation

AG:01 Rear Elevation
AG:01 - Rear Elevation


Single story, 400 sqft. studio living unit
Full Kitchen
8 foot deep front porch

Living unit is designed using "universal design" principles, and may be further modified to meet strict ADA or FHA accessibility standards.

AG01 Unit Floor Plan

Note the living area is intended for a hide-a-bed, but could easily accommodate a twin bed as well as a couple chairs for an arrangement similar to a hotel room. A single plumbing wall efficiently serves the kitchen and bath. The washer & dryer layout may be modified in a number of different ways, depending on how the unit is to be used. Also note the ample front porch space at 8 feet deep. Treasure Valley summers in the country demand shaded outdoor living areas like this. This building also contains (3) bays of garage parking, as shown. The garage door on the gable end is oversized at 10x12.

AG01 Building Plan


AG Series designs - Agricultural Multi-Purpose Buildings

AG series buildings ad sketch

The AG series of stock designs from room Residential Design is a collection of accessory structures specifically designed for established rural estates. These structures are meant to satisfy a multitude of needs frequenty found in agricultural acreages, but which are usually met with a collection of outbuildings. Room's AG series combines these uses into a single, economically built, easy to maintain structure that will provide adequate space for:

- Auto & heavy equipment storage.

- Recreational vehicle storage

- Horse stalls

- Gamerooms & Recreation Rooms

as well as,

- A Secondary Living Unit

In recent years, homeowners are seeing the value in having a secondary living unit available for use as a mother-in-law suite, as private guest quarters, or as flexible family space. The structures are designed to blend in with your existing farm estate architecture, maintaining an attractive, intentional landscape.

The designs are economical to construct, using easy to find, off the shelf materials. The building may be positioned and aligned as desired on your property to give you the best advantages for access, views, and proxemity. We have also been contracted to design custom variations on these designs. Some homeowners want a more barn-like structure, or one that matches the look of their existing house. Of course, we're always able to provide custom designs to folks who require a plan that works for them.