Il Silenzio Profondo - 2008

It's official; everyone is now in the year 2009! Do you know what that means? A post-annual wrap up of 2008: The Year the World Went Broke.

In many ways, 2008 was a very difficult year for everyone; our country besieged with a crippling recession (no mincing words here), and one of the prime components of the decline was the real estate crisis. This crisis, and the subsequent fallout has had a profound effect on the real estate, construction, and architectural/engineering industries.

As many of you are already aware of the specifics, I won't recount the whole sorry mess here. However, if you do want an excellent recount of the whole sorry mess, I recommend "The Giant Pool of Money" from our friends at This American Life. Its a free podcast / audio file retelling in simple-but-complete terms, the likely causes of the current economic crisis.

While you're there, you might consider throwing in a buck or two. They're in the middle of a pledge drive, and if you know folks who regularly listen to TAL but have never contributed, you can McCarthy them over to Supreme Host Ira Glass with hilarious results. Give it a try.

Room Residential Design has emerged, marred, but not injured into 2009. Though our Boise, Idaho market has seen a steep decline in the number of new residential construction projects, ( including an already modest number of infill projects ) we have not slowed our momentum internally, as we continue to redevelop our company to remain relevant and competitive in the years to come. We credit our decidedly lean and agile business model for our survival. We are only as big, and salaried as the market allows. Right now, we're focusing our efforts inward, and transmuting the company the way we wanted to back in 2006, but couldn't justify the time.

Here is that gold lining on the otherwise, lead cloud:

Infill Homes

We are currently confabulating a collection of pre-designed homes (model homes) to be used for infill development exclusively on Boise's substandard lots of record. We have dubbed them, Metro Lots.
These lots are typically 25'x125' and alley loaded. Many of them can be found in Boise's North End Neighborhood, but they can be found all over Boise's older, near-town neighborhoods. Often, they are combined in twos or threes, with a single existing residence constructed on the combined parcel. They were the primary building block of Boise's past land subdivision process, and they are protected by law as a single, develop-able lot. We are planning a more detailed description of these lots in a future post. Also, look for our Boise Homes for You: The Metro Lots Collection post in days to come. Six plans + Three exterior styles each + Three levels of interior finishes = housing variety bliss.

Credible, but soon accredited

It is a well known fact that room RD Dellimus Maximus, Byron Folwell was educated at the University of Idaho earlier in the century, and before you start regaling us with your preferred collegiate colors, consider that neither U of I, nor BSU are waving any shade of green. However, as it turns out, the U of I architecture program is blessed to have on its staff a progenitor of sustainability: Professor Bruce Haglund.

His curriculum was comprehensive and very practical. Above all, he advocated the "low hanging fruit" of energy efficient architecture; those sensible design choices that are made early in the project that bear the most energy saving returns, and position the project for sustainable success. Before there was LEEDS, there were zealous architectural environmentalists from the 70's, and Bruce was one of them.

Consequently, its about time that Room RD go itself LEEDS certified, don't you think? Well, now your dream is coming true. Look for the (soon) legal usage of the USGBC LEEDS Accredited Professional logo on our site.

Kids and Home

There has also been more time for the kids. Mind you, there was a lot of time before this dear recession. But now, there is reckless abundant time to engage in the wonderful activities that our tree-themed community has to offer. Check out the City of Boise's website regularly for activities around town. We'll try to get some great local blogs and the like linked to ours as well.

Well, there you have it folks. See you in 2009. Now go out and kiss somebody special.