In the Madness of March

We have been neglecting you, dear BLOG. It's not because we're tired of you; we're just tired. You see, this month has been a busy one. Not only do we have two remodel jobs to work on, but we have our model homes collection, which is constantly seducing our attention. Oh yes, and a full-time job as well. Plus a birthday. Plus licensing exams.

March '09, you are one crazy rascal! We'll be in touch...

March 2009


0901 - New Interior Views

Here are some updated views of the interior for the Family N. remodel.

Master Suite Plan
Master Bedroom Suite Plan

Interior View 8
Master Bedroom

Interior View 9
Master Bath & Dressing Room

Interior View 6
Living Room View

Interior View 5
Kitchen, Media Room, & Guest Room #1


0901 - REVISED Floor Plans

Aside from adding a bit more detail to items like the casework, fireplace, and stairs, the floor plans are just about ready to move into the Construction Document phase. Next step: interior model updates and development of exterior models. Stay tuned.

0901 - Floor One

0901 - Basement


0902 - Remodel for Family D+T

Existing Home

Existing 3

Owners D+T are looking to add an additional bay to their existing one car garage, creating an in-line tandem garage with a single 10-foot garage door opening to the street. Its a great way to provide a two-car garage, while de-emphasizing its impact on the front elevation of the home. The Owners commissioned a remodel about 15 years ago that added a master bedroom suite over the garage as shown in the photo above. Additional space for the master bedroom will be captured when the garage is enlarged.

The home has an absolutely spectacular view of the Boise Foothills and Bogus Basin, as there are no homes across the street to obstruct the view. The master bedroom suite is the optimal location to appreciate this view, and the owners want to have a space that will facilitate this. A new private deck or terrace will accompany the remodeled master suite; a place for leisurely outdoor relaxation, engaging with both the street as well as the panoramic view.

The third component to the remodel (as far as the front elevation is concerned) is the entry. The existing home, like many ranch homes, lacks a welcoming entry. We will be looking at adding a front porch to the home, creating an inviting entry that also improves the front elevation.

We have created two models to help visualize the integration of the addition with the existing home. This exercise will also help us determine a scope of work for this remodel. Remodels can be tricky projects to keep on budget, and identifying a clear scope of work is one way to ensure that the project doesn't gradually get bigger and more expensive than originally planned.

Option #1 is smaller in scope; incorporating the addition with the existing home's roof lines and massing, without adding anything additional simply for aesthetic purposes. Every built item is justified by its function.

View 2_2

View 2_3

View 2_1

View 2_4

View 2_6

Option #2 is a step further, blending the addition into the existing home by way of adding an overbuilt roof that will give a more traditional symmetrical roof line. This will also create the impression that the addition has always been a part of the home.

View 1_2

View 1_3

View 1_1

View 1_4

View 1_6

Our goal for this project is to simply provide the owners with the functional space that they require, while improving the curb appeal of the home. The addition should be so seamlessly integrated with the existing home, that even the owners forget how the home looked before the remodel! We'll be reviewing these options with the owners this week.


0901 - Floor Plans

For approval and/or notes by the Owner.

0901 - Floor One

0901 - Basement

0901 - Interior Modeling Con't

Further development on the interior model allows for some P.O.V. views of the living room, kitchen, and entry.

Mountain View
View from Living Room

Interior Plan 3
View looking down into Living Room

Living Room 1
Living Room & Kitchen beyond

Living Room 2
Fireplace & Reading Loft

Interior View 4
Room Layout

In the foreground of the Living Room, note the NanaWall system that is being proposed. This door & window system allows an entire wall (or walls) to completely open to the outdoors. The system can be configured in many different ways to accommodate just about any requirement for door openings, and panel stacking arrangement.


0901 - Interior Modeling

Early Interior Model

The interior SketchUp model is underway for the Family N. Home. Our design relies heavily on built-in casework to provide a just-right separation between spaces, without compartmentalizing the whole floor. The casework will act as both a partition as well as a storage & display device.

We're also using the built-ins in the living area to provide a graceful transition between upper and lower ceiling planes. We'll be experimenting with soffits and upper walls in addition to the built-ins to achieve this look.

Adding built-in casework is a great investment in an existing home, if you're considering a remodeling project yourself. Most homes will benefit from the added storage that they provide. Built-ins can, additionally, be used to divide spaces; and if held down from the ceiling level, allow for a subtle connection with adjacent space while maintaining a barrier at eye level. A well-designed built-in is a perfect solution to room in need of a focal point or distinguishing design element.

The stairs shown in the model will lead upward to a reading loft, and down to a daylight basement. The addition of these stairs will allow the homeowner to eliminate two existing stairs which have clearance and access issues. We're hoping to make these stairs an exciting design element that will be visible from the entry to the home.